Authorize, Connect, Synch & Manage

eOptin Authorize Secure Cloud Connection is the first end-to-end platform for securing electronic cloud-connected devices and appliances easily and economically. eOptin innovative authorize cloud connection technology controls connection access to any electronic cloud-connection device anywhere in the world.

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Sales Cloud

Opt-In Phone Communication

Opt-In the people you want to call you and what time you want to talk to them.
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Service Cloud

Opt-In Email Communication

Stop the unwanted spam email and have them request to email you.
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Marketing Cloud

Opt-In Text Communication

Select the people you want to text with, not those unwanted text messages.
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Salesforce Platform

Opt-In Content

Control the content information sent to you be Opting in the ones you want.
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Salesforce Chatter

Opt-In Electronic Devices

Control all incoming communication to any electronic devices.
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Opt-In App

Build your idea around eOpt-In platform and your customer's peace in mind feeling secure.
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